Will Adam Rose Klosters ldef

Irwin’s father, William, and his mother, Rose, with Adam in Klosters. Photo taken a few days before Will died aboard a TWA Super Constellation flying back to New York. Rose refused that the flight be diverted back to Shannon. She asked for a blanket, covered Will, and held him all the way home.

IS on Wills death

From Irwin’s notebooks: after his father’s death:
“Leaving no secrets, no letters, no money, no insurance, no fame, only the bare uncritical lifelong love which brooked no thought of betrayal, no thought of ego.His sharp unforgiving look at Marian when she called me a bloody fool – not a striking or unusual charge in our house and not meant. But I […]

Dolphins cover

Irwin and Alan Moorhead. Porto Ercole, 1962.
“I had meet Alan Moorehead during the Blitz in London in the winter of 1944 and had had my first dinner in a restaurant on the Continent with him, in Bayeux, shortly after D-Day, when Bayeux was the only undestroyed city in Europe I had as yet seen. As we […]

Irwin IP Lazar 1963 Evian ldef

Irwin with Irving Lazar, his agent, in Evian, 1963.
“Swifty” never learned to read, Irwin used to say, except for the numbers. Jokingly, he described him as “an over dressed beach toy from Abercombie & Fitch.” The long-distance and scratchy (back in the 50’s and 60’s) phone conversations — always held at impossible hours — betwen Klosters and […]

March 2014 Tv

February 27, 2014. On what would have been Irwin’s 101 st birthday, snapshot of Adam’s TV screen on which William Holden reads THE YOUNG LIONS in Billy Wilder’s 1950 “SUNSET BOULEVARD”. Above the screen the (coveted) prize of silver donkey regarding a silver snail, given to the slowest team in the famous Calcutta Ski Race (a grand party…) Irwin threw […]