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Irwin and Marian (conceived in Antibes, Adam is in her belly) returning to New York in 1949.
In a letter written five years earlier, between D-Day and the liberation of Paris, Irwin had promised to show her France “without the Germans.” The Shaws would sail back across the Atlantic two years later, and stay much longer than the one planned summer.

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Irwin at work in one of many different rented apartments in Paris. (Rue du Boccador, Villa Madrid, Rue Boileau, Rue de la Pompe, Square Lamartine, Rue du Bois de Boulogne, Rue de Grenelle). In the 50’s and early 60’s the dollar was as good as gold, and living in Europe was emminently affordable, even for a writer.
“My landlady unexpectedly told […]

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“I have said much of Irwin’s ebulience…There was a melancholy streak in him too, as readers of his novels and short stories know.
He was basically a serious and thoughtful man, but the enthusiastic boy inside the man was irrepressible.
Adam Shaw has suggested to me that a great part of his father’s tremendous capacity for enjoyment […]